Abbotsford Fish and Game Club is a private member club with no access to the public.
If you are interested in a membership, please visit our Membership Page.


We are located just east of Abbotsford, in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Just 2km north of Highway #1 (view map). We offer a full service facility that caters to every type of outdoor and shooting enthusiast. Our range hours are 8:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday including statutory holidays. On Wednesdays all shooting ranges close at 4:00 pm during Daylight Savings (March till November) for Archery only. Weekends we are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Please check our calendar and events page on our website for any schedule changes or special events prior to attending.

Range Facilities

Our outdoor ranges suit every type of shooter. Range 2, our 100 yard range facilitates trap, course shooting for both rifles and handguns to big bore target shooting up to 50 BMG. This range is open year round and features state of the art LED lighting to illuminate the entire range out to 100 yards.

Range 2B is our newest fully enclosed range with 14 shooting positions and a length of 30 yards. This new range features bright LED lighting, heaters and our new Hot/Safe light system. Range 2B is approved for all calibre handguns and rifles up to .223/5.56. NO SHOTGUNS ALLOWED.

We also have Range 3, a 60 yard range where members are able to use rifles to a maximum calibre of 50 BMG, shotguns and all calibre handguns. It also features range lighting to allow for shooting after dark.

Range 4, our 20 yard range offers a great outlet for all calibre handguns, shotguns and rifles up to .223/5.56. This range also features super bright LED lighting for shooting after dark and overhead heating in 4 positions.

Range 5, a 20 yard range is our permanent steel target range that includes: 2 plate racks, 2 duelling trees and two hostage/tango targets. This range is limited to handgun use and approved calibres only. Range 5 also has full LED lighting for shooting until 10:00 pm. Please see the specific Range 5 rules for use and regulations.

In addition, when the weather turns, Range 1 offers a state of the art ventilated 16 position indoor handgun and archery range for our members to use during sub-club meetings.

AFGC hosts the Western International Pistol League for Precision Pistol competition and Tactical Defensive pistol styles of shooting. So whether you are interested in Olympic, Police/Law Enforcement, Tactical/Defensive, Trap, Multi-gun or IPSC (International Practical Shooting Confederation) styles of shooting we have it all for you.

For the archery enthusiast, we offer both indoor and outdoor archery. Our outdoor range boasts a well covered shooting area and has butts at 20, 25, 30, and 50 yards. We have one of the most realistic 3D target courses for archers that winds around the hillside surrounding the main club. If you like shooting a more realistic type course this one will meet your needs.

History of Our Club

The Abbotsford Rod and Gun club originated in 1946, and has had since its inception, two name changes. The first, changed the name to the Abbotsford Fish, Game and Forest Protective Association. The Second, change shortened the name to the present title of Abbotsford Fish and Game Club. The organization became registered under the societies act in 1947, making it an official non-profit organization.

During the early years the meetings were held in the members homes and social events took place in rented facilities in the area (usually the Hungarian Hall). As income resulted from these functions, plans to purchase suitable property for development of a rifle shooting range were developed. The first property purchased by the club was east of the town of Abbotsford, just off the original Trans Canada highway (old Yale Road). The land was cleared and a Quonset style club house 90’x30′ with an indoor range was constructed. The majority of materials & labour were donated by the members themselves. The original shot gun enthusiasts soon got their part of the range functioning as well with a trap house and additional shelter.

In general things were going well until housing development in the area began creeping too close to the range. By 1970, with rapid development in the vicinity, outdoor safety became critical and a decision to relocate was made. After 3 years of hard work by the club members finally located suitable property – an abandoned Municipal gravel pit. Purchased from the district of Abbotsford, the property consisted of approximately 3 level acres and 14 acres up the south side of Sumas Mountain. Many months later, the overgrown, rocky mosquito farm had reclaimed to the point of construction of a new facility could begin.

Our present location of 4161 Lakemount Lodge Road boasts a concrete block structure 120′ x 50′ with several 12′ annexes for storage on the east side and a 22 position covered outdoor range which includes a 100m rifle range and 2 trap houses complete with a roomy completely renovated trap lounge in 2009. In the 1990’s the street name was renamed to just Lakemount Road.

Summer of 2010 we have improved our facilities to include a 60m range and a 20m range with large night lights and these two ranges are open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm 7 days a week.

Along with the improvements we have installed an up to date 16 position indoor range like no other in the area.

A number of groups operate under the parent club, including .22 Rifle, Pistol, PPC (Precision Pistol), A.T.S. (Abbotsford Tactical Shooters), IPSC (International Practical Shooters Confederation), Multigun, Steel Challenge, Trap, Fishing, Biathlon and Archery who share the range.

The Sagittarius Archers division of the club started in the early 1980’s using the 20 yard. indoor range. They now have 2 sets of outdoor ranges, 20 yard’s all the way to 70 yard’s. They also have a 40 yard 3D animal course carved out on the mountain to hold shoots and practices.

One of our projects completed by many volunteer club members is our second story addition over the entrance hall and a kitchen area. The second story contains a comfortable lounge area with view windows overlooking the outdoor range. Through contributions, this area has been furnished with: soft furniture, a fireplace, large oval table (meetings are held here), trophy cabinets, and a large number of mounted animals and waterfowl.

The club hosts many annual events including the Annual Game Supper/Dance in February and the annual Open House in July as well as many sub-club tournaments. Also many of the sub clubs host tournaments. The club offers from time to time depending on demand the “CORE Program” (Conservation and Outdoor Education) and a variety of other course offerings.