The Fraser Valley Recreational Range Club is a student run club through the University of the Fraser Valley and the Student Union Society of UFV. Our mission is to educate interested parties on the rules, regulations and safe handling of firearms, and the draw to the shooting sports.

We began the club to offer students the opportunity to experience the shooting sports for themselves and to allow students to share their experience with others who have a mutual interest. We have members involved in our club who have a great deal of experience as well as members who are entirely new to the shooting sports. No matter where you stand in terms of experience you will be a valued member of the FVRRC.

Membership will be limited to current students and Alumni. For inquiries about membership please send a message to the email below. To see what the club is currently up to, please take a look at either of our social media profiles detailed below.

Sub Club Head: Morgan Jensen

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FVRRC Report February 2023

Over the last month we have welcomed a few new members to our club, and I have been answering many emails from individuals with questions about PAL courses. It’s been a very refreshing new year hearing from first-year university students showing interest in our club. Our last two events had a healthy number on range, [...]

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FVRRC Report January 2023

After a short break for winter, the FVRRC will be back on range beginning on the 23rd of January. We would like to wish everyone a happy new year, and to our members, see you on the range with all the fun new additions to your collections.

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FVRRC November Report

October only had a single event as our last would have fallen on Halloween, however we had a great turnout at our event. We would like to thank one of our awesome members, Rob for bringing his stumpy steel target “Lt. Dan” to our last event as we had a ton of fun with it. [...]

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FVRRC Report October 2022

Since returning back to classes our numbers at events have remained high, and the weather has been making it easy to justify using our clay thrower. The FVRRC would like to thank the AFGC Trap club for the donation of a large number of clay pigeons which will certainly keep us stocked up for a [...]

By |2022-10-14T10:40:01-07:00October 14th, 2022|FVRRC|Comments Off on FVRRC Report October 2022

FVRRC September Update

August was a great month for us with healthy numbers at all events and incredible weather to boot. With such great weather we found many opportunities to break out the clay thrower which has been something that our membership has been asking for since the beginning of our club. This month, classes are now back [...]

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FVRRC August 2022 Update

The past month has had a few excellent range days and lots of interest surrounding our trap shooting events. I’d personally like to thank everyone who attended our last range event for making sure that Alex had such a great time and one that he certainly won’t forget anytime soon. This month we have [...]

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FVRRC Report June 2022

The month of May had some wet events and our last event unfortunately had to be canceled. In June we have two events, one on June 13th, the next on June 27th. This month we’re all hoping for some dry weather on the range as it generally leads to more shooters. Thanks everyone.

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FVRRC Subclub Report May 2022

For the month of may the FVRRC has two more range events, one on the 16th and one on the 30th. With the nicer weather (hopefully) on the way we intend to set some time aside at some of our events for those interested in learning to shoot clay targets. If any members are [...]

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FVRRC Report April 2022

The FVRRC is happy to announce that we will begin our bi-weekly range days once again starting on April 18th. It has been a long break for all of us and we are very excited to be back on range. Following our first shoot is exam week and will of course not hold any events [...]

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FVRRC Update December 2021

To say that the last month sucked for the Fraser Valley would be a gross understatement, and unfortunately the club was not given any mercy by mother nature. November began great with our very first pumpkin shoot, followed by the insane flooding prior to the second scheduled range day of the month. The flooding of the AFGC property led to [...]

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FVRRC Report November 2021

October was a very good month for our club as we gained some new members, and now all thanks to the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club, we also have a sea-can to store our club-use items in. With the days getting shorter and the temperature dropping we generally also see our attendance drop, however this [...]

By |2021-11-05T08:30:55-07:00November 5th, 2021|FVRRC|2 Comments

FVRRC Report October 2021

Our range events for this month fall on October 4th and 18th. Our event on the 4th went very well with the exception of a steel target stand looking like Swiss cheese after a run in with a 12 gauge slug. We are happy to announce that the FVRRC has become part of the [...]

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