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What is PPC?
PPC stands for Precision Pistol Competition. PPC challenges a competitor to move from position to position while shooting for score, forcing the shooter to utilize precision, accuracy and concentration.

PPC as it’s known is a fairly new shooting sport open to anyone, Juniors, Ladies, and Men… young and not so young, that would enjoy marksmanship pistol shooting. This is a sport to enhance your pistol shooting accuracy only. It has no running, no jumping, and no speed shooting… it is one easy going sport!!

The C-27 target is used. This site is the shooting championships for the year 2000. PPC is a sport that develops an accurate aiming discipline and the fun of a sport in pistol marksmanship.

PPC classes are held on the range the first Sunday of each month, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The cost is $7.00 for members and associates; $10.00 for guest shooters.

The course of fire is shot from the 7 meter line to the 50 meter line in five match stages.

New shooters are welcome to come out and watch, or try, but don’t forget your binoculars.

The Sunday shoot is a combination teaching/shooting outing where everyone gets a handicap and tries out for prizes. Everyone is on an equal competition level, even though you may be a rank novice or a grand master shooter. I’ve seen first time shooters walk away with the first place for the day prize. So come on out and give it a try!
Basic Equipment:
Revolvers capable of chambering and firing standard 148 and 158 grain lead, 38 calibre loads are the common guns in PPC. Stock revolvers should have no external modifications, except for grips or stocks which may be modified or changed to fit the competitor’s hand. In the Open Class category, fixed or adjustable iron sights allowed. In the Unlimited Class optical or electronic sights are allowed.

Either hand loaded or factory loaded ammunition .32 calibre or larger may be used in revolvers. No magnum ammunition is allowed but all ammunition must produce sufficient velocity to pass through the target. For stock semi-auto pistol, ammunition must be loaded to equal the energy of factory ammunition.

The common firearm used for this competition is the Smith & Wesson.38 calibre K or L frame models outfitted with a heavy, after-market “bull barrel”. You will need 4 speedloaders either K or L type. 1or 2 pouch holders, empty brass bucket and a holster. Now you’re all set to shoot.
Course of Fire:
The standard PPC match is called the “1500 course”. One hundred and fifty rounds are fired. The highest possible score for each shot fired is 10 points for hitting the 10 ring, an oval that is four inches wide by 6 six inches high. The X-ring is used to break ties. It is two by three inches and also worth 10 points.

There is a nine ring, eight ring and seven ring in the target. The shooter gets no score, zero, for any hits out of the scoring ring areas.

Shooters fire from four distances, namely 7 meters, 15 meters, 25 meters and 50 meters, with all stages fired under time limits. Some ranges use audible starting signals and others use turning targets to start the time sequence.

Chairman: Robert Stoddart
Email: ppc@afgc.ca

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December 2021 PPC report

The PPC Sub-Club held its last CPCA registered PPC match of 2021 on November 5th with 9 shooters. As I think everyone is aware of the flooding of the range as a result of the initial atmospheric river and the subsequent closing of the range and that the Port Coquitlam District Hunting and Fishing Club [...]

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We will be holding our Monthly PPC matches on Sunday October 3rd and November 7th, which will be a CPCA nationally approved matches. Our December 5th monthly PPC match will be our Christmas turkey/fun match to say good bye to the 2021 shooting year. Our shooters are travelling to Victoria this Thanksgiving weekend to compete in the [...]

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September 2021 PPC Sub Cub Report

We held our virtual matches for Marysville and Hanford Washington on August 21st and 28 respectively. With the American government keeping the border close to Canadians going south, closed until September 21st at least, we will be holding our virtual matches in September as well for Hanford on September 11th and Marysville on September 18th. [...]

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August 2021 PPC Sub Cub Report

On July 17th we held a PPC instructors course with 7 in attendance, one of which was from the Kelowna District Fish & Game Club.  This course was successful with good feedback from those attending. On August 1st we held our monthly CPCA approved match with 7 shooters participating.  Since this was the first [...]

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