The Abbotsford Fish and Game Club offers indoor shooting opportunities for both juniors and adults, using club furnished 22-cal. rifles. Emphasis is on gun safety and marksmanship in a program geared toward people of all ages. We have many family groups participating. You may also bring your own .22-cal rifle, and subject to inspection, may shoot it. Both Members and non-Members are welcome.

The fee is $5 for Members and $10 for non-Members per evening. This fee covers supplies such as ammunition and targets. Guns, and safety accessories are provided by the Club. A Range Safety Officer (RSO) is present during each session, offering supervision and instruction, as needed.

The .22-cal. rifle program is held every Monday evening in the indoor range. The program is year around, with no events on holiday Mondays, or over during the Christmas season (December 22 to January 2). Starting time is 7:00pm and we finish up around 8:30 PM.

Shooters are encouraged to record their scores every week which count towards badges for increasing levels of achievement.

If you are uncomfortable using a firearm or have never shot a rifle before and would like some instruction on safety and handling of firearms then this may be a good place to start.

Sub-club Head: Curt Smecher

.22 Club Monthly Report for September 2023

With the recent membership influx we are getting more new shooters coming out and seeing what we have to offer. It is wonderful to see these new faces and hope everyone continues to join us and improve their skills. Some reminders: The only entrance to Range 1 is around the side across from the [...]

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.22 Club Monthly Report for August 2023

July saw a number of new shooters at the .22 club, thank you so much for coming out and I hope you had a great time! Big congratulations to our Torin Savage who finished the under 19 rifle events at NAIG in a solid 5th place overall! Well done on your first competition; what a [...]

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22 Club Report July 2023

Another month and another great few nights of shooting. There are a couple new shooters this last month who have been showing some exceptional skill; I see some competitions in their future! Speaking of competition, one of our regular participants is off the week of July 15th to participate in the North American Indigenous [...]

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.22 Club June 2023 Update

Another month and another great nights of shooting. Attendance has been a bit up and down but we have a number of great regulars that are showing real improvement each week.   We had another Scout troup come through Saturday May 27th with 14 shooters! Hopefully some of them are going to start coming [...]

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.22 Club May Update

Hello! Well, at long last we are back! We started having folks into the range April 17th and while there haven’t been too many weeks since then, it has been a great start to the program. A number of young shooters and their parents have been coming out regularly now and it is great [...]

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.22 Club Report April 2023

We hosted a rifle camp on March 11-12 for 9 shooters in preparation for the 2023 North American Indigenous Games. In addition to contributing to the games, this allowed us to work the kinks out of our new equipment and make sure we are ready for our opening. Everything is ready to go, so come [...]

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.22 Club Report March 2023

It’s been a while…  First it was Covid, then the flood, but we’re back! The .22 Club is starting up again on April 17. We meet at 7 PM sharp. Everything is provided: rifles, ammunition, eye and ear protection, instruction, mats, and good company. We have brand new rifles and a good stock of ammunition [...]

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.22 Club Report February 2022

I continue to receive requests for youth program and started to let everyone know that we will plan to check in near the end of August to see where we are at. Also applied for equipment grant to purchase 6 rifles for Indigenous youth. Savage Axis FVT.  Rick Joe Director .22 Club Fraser Valley Indigenous [...]

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.22 Rifle Report December 2021

The .22 rifle Sub-Club did not meet for November, but did go over possible loss:  Loss of possibly all rifles- 10 savage , 4 Anschutz, 4 Rascal, 4 others that we use on a regular basis, plus another 4 Anschutz we were not using, and a few others that I am not sure about. [...]

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.22 Subclub Vaccination Proof Requirement

In accordance with the most recent Provincial Health direction and the advice of viaSport BC, proof of vaccination will be required for participants and spectators 12 years old and older to participate in the indoor .22 Clubs. At this time, youth 12 years old and younger are not required to provide proof of vaccination. Additionally [...]

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.22 Club Report for September 2021

It’s been a while…   The .22 Club is starting up again on September 13. We meet at 7 PM sharp. Everything is provided: rifles, ammunition, eye and ear protection, instruction, mats, and good company.    We welcome anyone interested in shooting, although we do ask that parents initially provide 1:1 supervision for anyone [...]

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.22 Club December 2020

Attendance at the 22 Rifle Drop in sessions has been strong, and it has been great to see our shooters taking part and keeping safe. Unfortunately, with the current trends with COVID, I think the safest course of action for all is to cancel all 22 Rifle Drop In sessions in December.  I hope we [...]

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