IPSC is the acronym for the International Practical Shooting Confederation. IPSC is a dynamic shooting sport where the principles of Accuracy, Power and Speed are balanced in a unique scoring system. IPSC has defined Action Shooting. It requires competitors to shoot fast and accurately, often shooting on the move and developing techniques and styles to shave off fractions of a second between shots, during reloads and drawing from the holster. IPSC Canada is the governing body for the sport in Canada.

More info about IPSC can be found at the IPSC BC website (www.ipscbc.com) and IPSC Canada website (www.ipsc-canada.org)

Club Overview:
Membership to IPSC BC is required to shoot Level II Qualifiers and above. To become a member of IPSC BC you must first complete the IPSC Training (Black Badge) Course. The course takes 16 hours to complete, over 2 days. It consists of classroom learning and range time. In addition to over 325 rounds of live fire instruction and shooting, the course will cover IPSC rules and regulations. Anyone wanting to take the Black Badge course can contact Murray Gardner by phone at 604.889.3822 or by email at doc@mdgardner.com.

Competitor equipment:
Eye protection
Hearing protection
Handgun (9mm Luger or larger caliber)
2 mag pouches, minimum
Sturdy belt
3 magazines, minimum

Chairman: Geoff Fraser
Email: ipsc@afgc.ca

IPSC Report July 2024

We are continuing through our season with matches nearly every weekend, local and around the Province. The IPSC Handgun Nationals in Ontario are coming up in August and we will have some members representing the BC Team. Thursday night practices will continue through the month and I will try to keep coming up with [...]

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IPSC Subclub Report June 2024

There were 5 matches during the month of May, including the PCC Nationals in Kamloops. Another 3 of these matches were classified as Level 3, which means more stages over 2 days and winners receive President’s medals from the National IPSC Body. It was great to see so many Abbotsford members wearing their new [...]

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IPSC Club Report May 2024

Starting on Thursday May 9th we are starting practice outdoors on Range 4 from 6:30pm - 10:00pm. If anyone would like to show up an hour early to help move equipment over to the Seacan, that would be great! Our new AFGC IPSC Team jerseys have arrived and they look great! I will bring [...]

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IPSC Club Report April 2024

IPSC Practices are being well attended by members and they seem to be paying off as there were quite a few top placings at the first qualifier of 2024 held in Port Coquitlam. Thank you to all the volunteers who help set up and run matches! We will continue to use the indoor range [...]

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IPSC Report March 2024

Sunday afternoon IPSC practice has been very busy over the last month. I plan to continue with indoor practices until the end of March. If the weather improves enough in April we will move to Range 4 on Thursdays again. Please note there will be no practice on the following dates: Sunday, March 24th [...]

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IPSC Club Report February 2024

There has been an uptick on the number of shooters coming out to practice on Sundays. It’s good to see people getting back into the sport after winter. AFGC IPSC Team Jerseys are being ordered to qualifying members and they should be ready for the start of the season. A special thanks to the following [...]

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IPSC Club Report January 2024

After a few weeks off during the holidays we are back holding practices on Sundays on the indoor range. We have some new equipment that has been purchased that includes swingers and activators. This should really help us improve our skills with these movers, including a Holy Monkey. What is a Holy Monkey, you [...]

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IPSC Club Report December 2023

There are only a couple practices left before we break for the holidays. Last practices will be on Sunday Dec 10th & 17th, if enough people are interested. We’ll be back after the new year on January 7th. Have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year! Geoff Fraser IPSC Subclub Director [...]

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IPSC Update November 2023

We have now moved IPSC Practices to the indoor range on Sunday afternoons. This seems to be a more popular time for members as many of them come from out of town and driving in the rain and dark was a hindrance. IPSC BC match dates should be announced soon. Keep an eye on [...]

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IPSC Report October 2023

The amnesty order that was set to expire at the end of October for our AR-15’s etc. has been extended until October 25, 2025. Just after the next Federal election. This Amnesty Order encompasses the firearms banned by the May 1, 2020 Order in Council. Hopefully this is good news for the shooting community. [...]

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IPSC Club Report September 2023

The IPSC BC Provincials were held over the long weekend at the beginning of September in Nanaimo. AFGC IPSC Club members attended and many of them had top finishes, not only in the match, but also for the year. Congratulations to our Abby IPSC Shooting Team! We will continue practices outside until the weather [...]

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IPSC Subclub Report August 2023

IPSC Practices are continuing through August and into September. The weather has been really nice to allow us to continue shooting outside. Thanks! Geoff Fraser IPSC Subclub Director

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