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The President of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club’s Quarterly Reports on the status of the club.

President’s Report June 2020

The club has now been open for a couple weeks and it great to see people back out on the range. A huge thank you to our membership for the cooperation during this transition back to operations. For those worried about the club being too busy to come out during the 2hr blocks that [...]

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Membership Renewals and Dues

Abbotsford Fish and Game Club (AFGC) has received many communications from its membership regarding renewals for 2020/2021. Some of these communications are asking if we are going to prorate our membership, provide refunds, or other monetary reimbursements for the range being closed due to the Public Health Order (PHO) issued by the Provincial government. We [...]

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A message to our Members regarding COVID-19

This is a letter I never thought I would have to write, but uncertain times bring with them new experiences. As a result of the new mandates from the Province of British Columbia, under the Public Health Act, we are closing Abbotsford Fish and Game Club until further notice. This closure applies to all members, sub clubs and private [...]

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President’s Report January 2020

The rain, and potentially the snow is upon is! Welcome to dreary BC weather! But we have a cure for that, our ranges are all heated, lit and open until 10pm! That means you can beat the dreary by coming out and shooting! I know the ranges were absolutely packed during the holidays, great [...]

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President’s Report Christmas 2019

Normally at this time of the year it would be all about the upcoming Christmas celebrations and New Year’s Eve; however, this year is different. Unfortunately, the Liberal government has decided to enact a draconian firearms prohibition and confiscation, based on nothing but fear mongering tactics of the anti gun crowd. DO NOT fall [...]

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President’s Report December 2019

The heaters are done!!!!! Big thanks to our awesome caretakers for organizing the work with Fraser Valley Refrigeration. We are now the warmest club in the valley!  Our new guest pass system seems to be running quite well, with members easily taking to it. I’d like to thank everyone for their support of this [...]

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President’s Report November 2019

It’s been a quiet fall with amazingly good weather for the most part. The ranges are seeing good usage. We met with our consultants to discuss the road closure/easement that runs through our property and have received a draft letter from them that will be sent to the city, hopefully we can get this [...]

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Notice of Special Meeting, September 26, 7:00 PM

Notice of Special Meeting, September 26, 7:00 PM In accordance of our constitution and bylaws that any items not to presented, and approved at the last AGM, requires that a General Special Meeting be called to seek approval of the membership. There will be one item on the agenda for budget approval. Item 1 Approval [...]

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