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The President of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club’s Quarterly Reports on the status of the club.

President’s Report November 2022

Not a lot to report at this time, we are still working on our reno project, waiting for final drawings and submission to the city for our building permit. We are also still waiting on final installation of the new safety measures on 2. The indoor range should be up and running soon as well, [...]

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President’s Report October 2022

Hard to believe that summer is still hanging on the way it is here in the lower mainland, but I feel for our hunters who haven’t been getting the game they’d normally get due to this continued warm spell. But I guess this offsets the late, wet spring we had.  As we do move [...]

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President’s Report September 2022

A fantastic August has led into a very nice looking September and the ranges are bustling. We are still doing work in the back behind the ranges and hopefully that will be done by the 9th of September, but it may continue into the following week for a couple days, please keep an eye on [...]

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President’s Report August 2022

Summer is here and the heat came along too, for a short while at least! It’s great to see people back out and enjoying the club, we had some visitors from Thompson Mountain in July too, as their range had paving being done which prevented their members from accessing the facility. Since they were [...]

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President’s Report July 7, 2022

We are still waiting on summer to show up properly, maybe by October we’ll have more than a couple days of sun and heat. The club is doing well, renewals went well, I’d really like to thank everyone who renewed, I believe this was our best retention year ever, and many of you didn’t even [...]

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2022 AGM Results and Update

Thank you to all who attended our in-person 2022 AGM!It was great to be back in person for this year's AGM. Unfortunately we were not able to have it at the Clubhouse, but the Clarion Hotel provided a great venue with food and drinks. Thank you to the volunteer organizers who put this together!We had [...]

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President’s Report June 2022

Great to be seeing people out at the range enjoying our shooting sports. Sadly our government has decided to attack us yet again, we still don’t know all the details, but suffice it to say this is cultural genocide by the Liberal government. They are going after reading material along with handguns, and rifles. It [...]

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President’s Report February 2022

The bridge is open and we have been able to bring in equipment to truly start the work at the club. We do ask that members not attend the range until it is reopened, this includes just pulling into the parking lot and looking around. AFGC is an active construction site, complete with hazardous materials [...]

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President’s Report January 2022

Winter continues to play havoc with us, more rain brings more flooding, hopefully we won’t see any drastic levels hit our club again, and once we have power restored to our pumps, they should be able to keep up with normal water levels. A bit of good news, the bridge should be open soon, [...]

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