Biathlon Season’s End March 2024

This past weekend marked the end of our biathlon season as cadets from across BC raced at Provincials on Mt Washington. There will be no Nationals held this year. The snow dumped so hard the morning of the race,  have been packed, groomed trails, was actually pillowy routes so deep that you couldn't see [...]

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Biathlon Update February 2024

This past weekend was our big tri-service Biathlon Zone competition at the Sherman Armouries in Richmond. 79 teens, coming from all 3 zones in the Lower Mainland, competed together in a Summer Biathlon style event. This race consisted of running 3 loops of 1.5km each, with bouts of 5 targets in between. They got [...]

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January 2024 Cadet Update

With our first ever run'n'shoot regional biathlon competition coming up in a few weeks, many cadet groups are focussing on indoor air rifle use closer to home. Regardless, we still don't have the approved DND ammo to put through DND 22s so we do not intend to come to AFGC with cadets this month. [...]

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November 2023 Cadet Update

Cadet units are not currently being issued any ammo so we still don't have an idea of when we could start Thursday night biathlon practices. My ammo requisition hasn't even been acknowledged as received, so November isn't looking too hopeful. We are only authorized to use DND ammo in our DND rifles or I [...]

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Cadets Report October 2023

The training year for cadet units is underway. We have been informed that the Regional competitions for BC are switching from skiing and shooting 22s, to now running and shooting air rifles, although Provincials will still be back on the snow. We have to primarily train with air rifles to adapt to the new [...]

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February 2023 Cadet Update

Cadets are almost done biathlon for the season, aside from a civilian race on Febrary 11th. We've had a great start-up year despite the circumstances and delays. We will not be holding any more practices at AFGC until next fall.  Thank you very much for allowing us to use your facilities. At our big race, [...]

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January Cadet Biathlon Update January 2023

Happy New Year, We had a blast this past weekend at our regional Biathlon competition. All of the top spots on the podium were held by cadets that practice at AFGC. Noteworthy accomplishments: 13 year old Olivia Xu was the top shot in all the Lower Mainland, with only 2 misses out of 10.  [...]

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Cadet Biathlon Update December 2022

I'm very happy to report that our first month back has been a great success. We built target backers and had mats donated. We really appreciate sharing the seacan space. Most of these youth had never pulled a trigger before, now most of them can safely and accurately hit our biathlon targets at 50m. [...]

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Cadet Update October 2022

Amazing news for the cadet world: biathlon just got switched back to involve real rifles and skiing! For the first time in years we will be able to shoot our 22s and wax our skis. We hope to resume shooting on Thursday nights in November if the club is willing to have us back after [...]

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Cadets Report December 2021

We are thinking of you as we watch the heavy rainfall come down yet again. The devastating flooding in the valley has been difficult to witness from afar and we can not even imagine what it must be like to watch property, livestock and possessions destroyed as well as lives endangered. Please know that [...]

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Cadets November 2021 Update

Cadets are still waiting for approval to start up shooting on Thursday nights. It will be a few weeks at the very least. Stay safe, CI Elizabeth Martin Biathlon Coach 907 RCACS Black Knights I am happy to report that both 819 Skyhawk Squadron and 828 Hurricane Squadron in Delta BC has started our Air [...]

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Cadet Update October 2021

We are about to start up limited in-person training on parade nights. We are also conducting site checks to submit covid safety plans to the bosses in Victoria. I hope to do an Abby visit soon with my new Commanding Officer (who is also a member of AFGC) so we can tick of the [...]

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