Renewal System

Note: Members must renew before April 30th or you will lose your spot!

Membership Renewal Notice

Membership Renewal invoices will be sent out starting April 1st. You will only have until April 30th, to renew your membership. We have reached our capacity of membership, be advised that if you do not renew by this time your spot will be provided to the next on the waiting list.

We will be using our standard renewal system whereby each member will be sent an invoice noting the amount due for the current membership year.

You will be sent an invoice electronically only unless you have specified that you wish to receive it by mail. If you have not received your invoice prior to April 15th please contact the membership chair at

Auto Renewal System

If you have signed up for our auto-renewal system and have your credit card securely stored with our payment processor, your payment will be processed on May 1st. If your payment did not go through on May 1st then your credit card information is expired. You will need to contact our Membership Coordinator by email and pay your dues manually. You can check and update your profile on our Update Profile page.

If you would like to sign up for automatic renewals, follow the instructions at this link.


Payments can be made electronically by following the link on the invoice to an online payment merchant where you can pay via Visa or Mastercard. You can also print off a copy of the invoice and issue a cheque payment which can either be given to one of the sub-club heads or mailed to the club. Once payment is received a new sticker will be issued which must be put on your membership card.

Work Bee

Note: If you did not participate in a work bee last year you will be charged a $50 work bee fee.

Important Reminder

Members are permitted to bring up to a maximum of three guests to the range who are required to sign-in, pay $10 drop-in fee and comply with all range rules of the club. Under NO circumstances is a member permitted to utilize the range for commercial enterprise and if they are found doing so this will result in immediate termination of membership.