Membership Office Hours

The Membership office is available for your convenience. We offer membership processing, give tours and are available for general questions.

Please make an appointment by contacting

Membership Rates

Regular Single Adult Membership $170.00
Family Adult, spouse and household children under 19 and any qualified students (see below) $195.00
Student Aged 19–25 years old, enrolled in an accredited post-secondary institution.
Valid student card must be submitted as proof
Senior Must be 65 years or older $85.00
Additional Fees:
Initiation Fee For all new (and lapsed) memberships $25.00
Work Bee In lieu 1 workbee (approx. 4 hours) $50.00
3 Guests max Guest Fees (Must be with a member) $10.00 Ea.

All Memberships are subject to GST
Payment Methods:
 Cheque, Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard only), and Interac® eTransfer. On site payments are no longer being accepted.

Membership Renewal invoices will be sent out on April 1st. You will only have until April 30th, to renew your membership. We have reached our capacity of membership, be advised that if you do not renew by this time your spot will be provided to the next on the waiting list.

Note: You must renew before April 30th or you will lose your spot!

Membership Contacts

For questions regarding membership please contact our membership:

Membership Details

The Abbotsford Fish and Game club is for members ONLY. By purchasing this membership you are granted access to the use of Ranges #2–5 and the Archery Range for the times specified on the calendar (these are subject to change from time to time so please ensure you check the calendar on the website prior to coming to the range).

You have the ability to bring up to a maximum of 3 guests per visit and are responsible for them during their visit.

You will also receive liability coverage of up to $10,000,000 while in the act of shooting / hunting / fishing.

By purchasing this membership you are agreeing that you have read, understood and will comply with the AFGC range rules. Failure to comply with the rules and safety requirements of the range will result in suspension and/or termination of your membership.

New Members

New members will be required to pass the online Safety Course and to make an appointment with the Membership Coordinator for a Site Orientation and to have their membership photo ID card printed. New members are not permitted to utilize the range until this process has been completed and they have their card in hand.

Note that the total membership has been capped and is full. New memberships generally become available after our yearly renewal has been completed on May 1st. Please check back on the website in late May for registration. People will be contacted in the order of the waitlist for a membership. This process will continue until there are no more membership spots available for the year.

The number of spots available is dependent on the current membership cap and the number of members that did not renew.

Membership Proximity Cards

The club uses a proximity card access control system. Your proximity card is your membership card and contains an embedded chip that allows access to ranges during open hours.

When you arrive at the range you are required to tap your membership card on the Door Access Reader to unlock the door to sign-in. All members must tap with their own cards, this includes family members who have been issued their own cards. When the light bar on the access reader turns green, you may enter the range. If the door will not open, try pulling on the door while tapping your card to release the latch. Once you have entered with your card, please ensure the door is closed behind you.

When leaving a range you must now tap your card on the reader next to the door to sign out of the range and to unlock the door to exit. This should also be performed by all members of a family.

Members will be issued one card. If your card is lost or stolen, please report it immediately to the Membership Chair and you will be issued a new one at a cost of $10.

Work Bees

Work Bees typically happen once a month and members are strongly encouraged to attend and help out with the maintenance of the club and club grounds. To be informed when work bees occur please sign up for our weekly newsletter. If a work bee is done during the year, that charge is removed from the next invoice.

If you did not participate in a work bee last year you will be charged a $50 work bee fee. In order to have the work bee fee waived you must attend one work bee (approx. 4 hours) in the membership year.


Payments can be made electronically by following the link on your invoice to a secure online payment merchant where you can pay via Visa, Mastercard or E-Transfer.

If you are paying by E-Transfer, in order to fully process your invoice, log in to your bank and send your Interac e-Transfer payment immediately to This account has been setup for automatic deposit. You MUST include your full name, membership number and invoice number in the NOTES section of the transfer in order for your payment to be processed on your membership.

You can also print off a copy of the invoice and issue a cheque payment which can be mailed to the club. Once payment is received by the administration you will be emailed a receipt.

Cash payments are no longer accepted.

All funds will be processed in Canadian Dollars ($ CDN).

Renewal System

We will be using our standard renewal system whereby each member will be sent an invoice noting the amount due for the current membership year.

You will be sent an invoice electronically only, unless you have specified that you wish to receive it by mail. If you have not received your invoice on April 1st, please contact the membership chair at immediately.

Memberships are renewed on an annual basis. Please read Membership Renewals for important notes about this process.

Certificate of Membership

Once payment has been approved, the primary member will receive a receipt via email with your new membership certificate. Print the email, cut out the Certificate of Membership, and place this in your membership card packet. If you have a family membership, print the email out several times, cut out the Certificate of Membership, and place one in each family member’s membership packet.

Updating Your Membership Info

At any time you can update your profile information on the website. If you do not remember your password you can reset it under the Update Membership section by entering the email address you submitted when you filled out your membership form. If you cannot remember or do not have an email address associated with your account, please contact the Membership Chair at

Refund Policy

The Abbotsford Fish and Game Club does not provide refunds on membership purchases.