Roll Up Doors Usage and Guidelines

The following rules are now in place for the Roll Up Doors on each Range.
Roll up bay doors are to remain open during Club operational hours from April through November unless there is an inclement weather event. During the months of December through March, you may arrive on a range to find the bay doors closed. 
Please use the following procedures to access a shooting bay:


When you arrive at a range, place your CASED firearms on a shooting bench at the bay you wish to use. DO NOT handle firearms with the bay door closed, this includes uncasing and casing. Any handling of firearms behind closed doors may result in membership privileges being permanently revoked.


Locate your bay number at the top of the bay and proceed to the lockbox on the back wall to locate the door remote. DO NOT remove the remote from the box. Click the top left-hand button that corresponds with your bay to open and close the door.


When the RED/HOT lights are active you may now UNCASE your firearms on the shooting bench where the bay door is open and prepare them as normal. Do not handle any uncased firearms behind any closed doors.



If you choose to activate the heaters, the heater nearest to the door you open will be available to you. Heaters will not turn on if the bay door is closed.

Please note that we have installed carbon monoxide (CO) sensors in all the ranges. Should you hear the alarm, please proceed to PROVE your guns safe and evacuate the building in a safe and orderly manner and proceed to contact our Caretakers at 780-233-9260.


When you are finished shooting, you must PROVE your firearms safe and CASE them at the shooting bench during a RED/HOT range. Once the Acting Range Officer confirms this, the range can be changed to GREEN/SAFE.

When you have finished cleaning up you may proceed back to the lockbox and click the top left-hand remote button to close your bay door and exit the range. If you have any problem or issues, please contact our Caretakers at 780-233-9260.