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The Operation Managers Reports on the upkeep, maintenance and progress of construction at the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club.

Caretakers Report August 2020

The ranges have definitely picked up since opening up to guests. We would like to remind members that you need to make sure you have cleaned up after you are done. If possible when you use produce (e.g.: watermelon or pumpkin) please put it in a plastic bag before you put it in the garbage. [...]

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Caretakers Report July 2020

We have now been back open for a full month. The ranges have not as yet been overly busy, with the exception of range 5. Members haven’t had a problem finding a spot that suits them. For the most part everyone is following the new protocols. We realize as this virus continues on it become [...]

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Work Bee Report July 2020

There was a work bee on June 14 with a total of 17 members attending. While the weather was not great, members cleared tripping hazards from the back of range 2. They pulled weed and helped move some fencing material. They also picked brass on range 3. We anticipate holding another work bee on August [...]

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Caretakers Report June 2020

Welcome Back! Benches have been removed and caution tape put up to facilitate social distancing. Spray bottles with a bleach mix are on all ranges. Please remember to use them. Hand sanitizer has been placed inside all the ranges. The gates have been serviced. The fence along the side of archery has been installed. [...]

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Workbee Report June 2020

There was no work bee in May The next work bee is scheduled for June 14. It is full with 17 members. We will start at 10 am, please arrive a little early. Please dress for the weather and bring gloves. We will be working outside. We look forward to seeing you. Please watch for [...]

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Workbee June 14

AFGC will be holding a general duties workbee on June 14th for members. We will only be excepting 15 people max to adhere to social distancing rules. You must pre-register with Audrey to add your name to the list at caretakers@afgc.ca. You can only show up if you receive a confirmation email in return. For [...]

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Caretakers Report May 2020

There is not much to report this month. Dan is still in an ongoing fight with the robins that are determined to use the ranges for nesting. I am pretty sure the robins are now stalking him. We have been supplying Jack with the information of members who have been mailing in their membership [...]

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Caretakers Report April 2020

First we would like to say we miss you all and hope that everyone is staying healthy and practicing their social distancing. The range is eerily quiet. We lost power and the big green storage tent during the big wind storm on March 13 & 14. The range closed on March 18 due to [...]

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