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Range 1

Range 1 offers a state of the art ventilated 16 position indoor handgun and archery range for our members to use during sub-club meetings. Please see the sub-club section of the website for further details.

Range 2

Range 2, our 100 yard range facilitates trap, course shooting for rifles, shotguns and handguns to big bore target shooting up to 50 BMG. This range is open year round and features state of the art LED lighting to illuminate the entire range out to 100 yards.

Range 3

Range 3, a 60 yard range where members are able to use rifles to a maximum calibre of 50 BMG, shotguns and all calibre handguns. It also features range lighting to allow for shooting after dark.

Range 4

Range 4, our 20 yard range offers a great outlet for all calibre handguns, shotguns and rifles up to .308 Winchester. This range also features super bright LED lighting for shooting after dark and overhead heating in 4 positions.

Range 5

Range 5, a 20 yard range is our newest permanent steel target range that includes: 2 plate racks, 2 duelling trees and two hostage/tango targets. This range is limited to handgun use and approved calibres only. Range 5 also has full LED lighting for shooting until 10:00pm. Please see the specific Range 5 rules for use and regulations.


Our outdoor range boasts a well covered shooting area and has butts at 20, 25, 30, and 50 yards with bright LED lighting. We have one of the most realistic 3D target courses for archers that winds around the hillside surrounding the main club. If you like shooting a more realistic type course this one will meet your needs.


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