ATS is open to EVERYONE.
The sport of Tactical rifle and pistol shooting is quite simply the use of practical equipment and your surroundings, including proper cover and concealment to solve simulated scenarios. Shooters involved in ATS are encouraged to use practical rifles, handguns, holsters and gear.

ATS will help participants in the sport of tactical shooting develop safer habits and improve the skills necessary to handle firearms. We practice a variety of drills that will allow you to shoot under a variety of scenarios. You will learn to use timing and command decision-making in the most dynamic ways possible. Anyone is welcome to suggest something they would like to try and the organizers will do their best to work it into the program.

It is important to note that ATS is organized by volunteers with a desire to improve their gun handling, and provide a place and time to build confidence in those skills. There are no timers, scores or trophies, only a positive group dynamic, a forum to discuss and critique points amongst other members of the group and most importantly HAVE SOME FUN.

ATS generally tries to operate on an RSVP system. If you are interested in coming out and participating please contact us prior so that we can run through some of the requirements and discuss the training for that evening. If you are a member of AFGC and are an experienced rifle or pistol shooter feel free to swing by and check out the training. The range is open for observation to ALL AFGC members during ATS meetings. If you are not a member of AFGC and are interested in coming out and observing please contact Claude Murdoch prior to the ATS meeting.


Holster or Sling.


Ear protection
Eye protection
Sturdy shoes


Knee pads
Elbow pads

Chairman: Claude Murdoch

18 June

June ATS reminder, and Veritac course update

By | 2017-06-18T19:18:09+00:00 June 18th, 2017|A.T.S.|

All, a reminder for this months ATS shoot, 25 June. As I ill be working, Joe D will be taking the shoot, tat day. If any attendees have a P/U truck available, for moving the steel about the range, please let me know. 250 rounds, for each platform; pistol/ carbine/ shotgun. 0930hrs range brief [...]

12 June

ATS reminder, Sunday, 25th June

By | 2017-06-12T08:41:18+00:00 June 12th, 2017|A.T.S.|

This month’s June ATS day is Sunday, 25th. While I’ll be either shooting the BCRA Precision Rifle Match that weekend, or working, Joe D will be taking the ATS day. 250 rnds for each platform, pistol / carbine / shotgun, 0930hrs start, set up and brief; 1000hrs rounds down range. Range 3, $10.00 drop [...]

06 June

ATS Update, June 2017

By | 2017-06-06T09:19:20+00:00 June 6th, 2017|A.T.S.|

Regular ATS days are taking a bit of an unexpected break, over the next few months, given the heavy BCRA shooting schedule through the months of May / June, and a construction industry that just refuses to slow down. The third ‘official’ CQB shoot of the season will be held this Saturday, 10 June. The CQB [...]

18 April

ATS reminder, for Sunday, 23 April

By | 2017-04-18T17:27:42+00:00 April 18th, 2017|A.T.S.|

This months shoot is Sunday, 23 April. Pistol, carbine, shotgun, 250 rounds per platform. 0930 setup and brief, Range 3, $10 drop in fee. Please RSVP, if you plan on attending. For those interested in pushing yourself and your carbine, the Action Rifle League’s May shoot is on the 21/22 May long weekend, Vokes range, [...]

04 April

ARL/BCRA Crossover Mid Range Shooting Weekend

By | 2017-04-04T14:00:46+00:00 April 4th, 2017|A.T.S.|

21-22 May 2017, Chilliwack, BC Hey folks! As promised we have gotten together with the BCRA to bring you an exciting weekend of shooting! On May 21-22 (a Sunday and holiday Monday) Action Rifle League and the British Columbia Rifle Association are running a 2 day match on Vokes range in Chilliwack BC. This is the big [...]

03 April

ATS Update April 2017

By | 2017-04-03T09:26:51+00:00 April 3rd, 2017|A.T.S.|

March’s ATS attendance was down, as it corresponded with Thompson’s TacMatch shoot; a lot of the regulars use the ATS days for completion training, so it was no surprise. The smaller group made for the opportunity to conduct a bit move firing on the move than we would normally practice, so all was good. The second CQB [...]

19 March

ATS reminder, for 26 March 2017

By | 2017-03-19T16:28:17+00:00 March 19th, 2017|A.T.S.|

First, a big thank you, to all who showed up for Thursday’s AGM; a very successful meeting! This months shoot is Sunday, 26 March.   Pistol, carbine, shotgun, 250 rounds per platform. 0930 setup and brief, Range 3, $10 drop in fee. Please RSVP, if you plan on attending.   Second CQB shoot of the year will be [...]

11 March

2016 ATS Year End Report

By | 2017-03-11T11:13:54+00:00 March 11th, 2017|A.T.S.|

2016 was a busy year for the ATS group. Monthly shooter numbers were a consistent 8-12 per practice day, with the steel target arrays allowing a lot more trigger time on the platforms. The steel is also far more forgiving in the inclement weather, ‘cause “if it ain’t rainin’, it ain’t trainin’…”. The ATS hosted CQB [...]

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