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The Sagittarius Archers, of the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club, shoot every Wednesday night at 7:00 pm. If you are interested in trying archery or joining our club we would be glad to see you any Wednesday night at 7:00 pm.

Club Overview:
There are several archery ranges at AFGC, including a 20 target 3D course, 70 yard outdoor range, and a 20 yard indoor range, which has recently been renovated.

The indoor range is used mostly during the winter; it is a great place to practice, and for competitive archers, a place to prepare for indoor competitions.

Our outdoor range has targets set at 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70 yards, including foam blocks for practicing with broad heads for hunting season. The addition of a covered shooting shed and outdoor range lighting provides the opportunity for year round night shooting.

A 20 target 3D course is set-up on a trail that winds around the mountain behind the clubhouse, which includes three dimensional animal targets with scoring rings. The 3D course is a fun way to spend an afternoon, and kids love to participate.

Archery Events:
The Sagittarius Archers host four archery shoots annually: BC’s Largest Indoor 3D in early January, the Chad Davis Memorial 3D Shoot & Pig Roast in April, the Fraser Valley Blacktail Shoot in July and an indoor Charity Turkey Shoot in December. For more information, please visit the Sagittarius Archers website.

For additional information about these events or other questions related to archery, please see the contacts listed below.

Drop in & Yearly Shooting Fees:
Drop in fee: $5 per person (Wednesday evenings)
Equipment rental: $5 per bow, includes 3 arrows, Indoor use only
Yearly Fee: $30 per person, $35 per family, requires AFGC Membership
*Does not include bow rental, your own equipment is required

NOTE: All archery members, please download and complete this Membership Form (fillable PDF format) and return it by email to bowtechy@gmail.com. You can make payment on any Wednesday evening.

Chairman: Mark Porter
Phone: 604-504-4484
Email: bowtechy@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Darren Mulroney
Phone: 604-997-7577
Email: mulroney@telus.net

Archery Report May 2023

April was a busy month for Sagittarius Archery Club. We started the month with our Chad Davis Memorial 3D Shoot. The weather was not on our side. The rain was very challenging for the shooters on the hill. Our camping numbers were down, due to the weather. Attendance was expected due to the shoot [...]

By |2023-05-04T21:27:07-07:00May 4th, 2023|Sagittarius Archers|0 Comments

Archery Report April 2023

Wednesday nights are now back to normal. We are seeing 30+ shooters per night. All archery ranges are in full swing. Including the 3d trail. We had a successful work bee in March. We cleaned the 3d trails and placed the targets. Last Sunday we met for an hour and placed the target markers. This [...]

By |2023-04-07T10:51:56-07:00April 7th, 2023|Sagittarius Archers|0 Comments

Archery Report March 2023

Our Wednesday night drop ins are going each week. We are seeing between 25-30 shooters. We started a new formate whish seem to be working beautifully. 5:30-7pm parents with young children and 7-9pm regular members. This allows families that want to shoot and get their kids home and ready for school at a reasonable time. [...]

By |2023-03-10T08:26:38-08:00March 10th, 2023|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Archery Report March 2023

Archery Report January 2023

Things are starting to ramp up again for Sagittarius Archery. We had our first Wednesday night indoor last Wednesday night seeing 15 shooters. The range looks amazing! And members are glad to be able to shoot inside again. We had a work bee on the 8th of January.  Loading all the targets and backers for [...]

By |2023-01-18T08:47:58-08:00January 18th, 2023|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Archery Report January 2023

BC’s Largest Indoor 3D Championship is Back

Well Folks! Sorry for the roller coaster ride leading up to this event. Call it a Christmas miracle, like many other archery clubs have said, "built it and they will come." This is a very special shoot, one that caters not only to seasoned Archers, but also those that are just learning their new [...]

By |2022-12-22T08:48:21-08:00December 22nd, 2022|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on BC’s Largest Indoor 3D Championship is Back

Archery Report December 2022

Sagittarius had a meeting the first of the month discussing the future of our archery club. We've decided to cancel our Indoor 3D shoot in January. This is very disheartening to say the least. This typically is the largest indoor archery venue in BC. Due to covid and the flood last year our membership and volunteers has [...]

By |2022-12-02T08:26:06-08:00December 2nd, 2022|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Archery Report December 2022

Archery Report November 2022

With the indoor not open Wednesday nights have been limited to outdoor. Drop in's, equipment rental and intro lessons to new comers will start up once the indoor range is open with heat. November 13th Archery will be having a work bee and meeting discussing the upcoming 3d indoor shoot in January.  Shoot Straight Mark [...]

By |2022-11-03T20:05:57-07:00November 3rd, 2022|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Archery Report November 2022

Archery Report September 2022

Wednesdays have been very quiet. We are hoping to start back on the indoor early this fall. Our focus now is our upcoming indoor shoot in January.   2022 archery season started Sept 1st. So far animals taken by members with archery tackle are, Wayne Ouellette - bull elk Mark Porter - black bear Stephen Bailey [...]

By |2022-09-09T09:48:04-07:00September 9th, 2022|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Archery Report September 2022

Archery Report August 2022

July we hosted our first 3D Shoot since Covid. The shoot was a success. We had well 71 shooters on Saturday and 83 shooters on Sunday. The weather was awesome but the bugs on the hill were bad. Was strange not having a kitchen at the shoot. It was very much missed. A big [...]

By |2022-08-05T08:14:19-07:00August 5th, 2022|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Archery Report August 2022

Archery Report July 2022

Summer is here and the 3D targets are on the mountain! We are set to host our first 3D competition this upcoming weekend. A little nervous as our course layout has changed allot due to the November flood. But I know with our dedicated Sagittarius Archers and the countless hours of preparation, it will be a [...]

By |2022-07-08T08:14:50-07:00July 7th, 2022|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Archery Report July 2022

Sagittarius Archery Report June 2022

Thanks to a lot of hard work by our volunteers the AFGC Outdoor Archery Range is back open for use. We have all new bale targets. Our very good black broadhead targets. As well as some 3D animals. Please note the rule boards and don't move the targets. We have had some major damage on the 3D [...]

By |2022-06-04T08:20:32-07:00June 3rd, 2022|Sagittarius Archers|Comments Off on Sagittarius Archery Report June 2022
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