Well summer has showed up with a vengeance.

We have been busy trying to keep the lawn and members hydrated, as well as our regular routine work.

1614 lbs of brass was recycled.

We had the archery block wall pressure washed.

Range 2 was closed for the first week of June while we worked on drainage issues.

As we are all aware lumber prices have gone crazy, in some cases tripling in price. Our backers are now costing 35.00 each in material. Sub-clubs you should be providing your own consumables, including what is available out on the ranges (paint and backers)

The glass windows in the trap house have been replaced with plexiglass.

194 passes were used from June 1 to June 27.  Some of our members are not filling in the guest pass envelopes. This is mandatory, if you are caught not filling them it you may have to go before the board to explain why.

Please remember to check the web site for information on changes to the COVID protocols and range closures.

Thank you and have a safe summer
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner