It’s been a while…
The .22 Club is starting up again on September 13. We meet at 7 PM sharp. Everything is provided: rifles, ammunition, eye and ear protection, instruction, mats, and good company. 
We welcome anyone interested in shooting, although we do ask that parents initially provide 1:1 supervision for anyone under 10 years old.
While shooting at the .22 Club, you do not require your PAL, as you can shoot under our supervision, so if you have friends interested in giving it a try, bring them along.
We also have some changes.  I have moved my principal residence to the West Coast of Vancouver Island, so Rick Joe and Russell Smalley are taking over as Sub-Club Chairs. We are also looking for volunteers to help Rick and Russ, so please contact us if you are interested.
Curt Smecher
.22 Club Chair