A great big thanks to Dave and Linda Dunn. Linda washed all of our shooting matts (they were beyond filthy) and Dave made some more prone wood supports.

Also, a big thanks to Peter who ran things when I was off sick.

We have purchased some Savage Rascal Target Rifles in left hand. These are light rifles, single shot, and are ideally suited for beginner shooters. We still have to purchase some Savage Mark II in left hand, however I am still trying to sort out the sights.

We look forward to the BC High School Shooting Rodeo. This will be about 10 youth qualifying the morning of April 23 on Range 2. They shoot NRA targets at 50 yards. There will be a safety briefing before their shoot.

We are also planning a special Monday evening sometime in June. There will be goodies and treats, and there will be an opportunity to try different guns on Range 2 – we encourage the parents to bring some guns with, and enough ammo for all.

Attendance varies from week to week, but typically we are running 6-10 shooters. With the new light-weight Rascal’s, we can better accommodate young shooters.

If anyone would like to assist on Mondays, they are more than welcome to. Besides giving an opportunity to shoot, we also encourage people on the skills needed to excel in the sport.

Erling Lassesen
22 Rifle Sub Club Chair, Director

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