It seems that summer is already here with some very warm, if not hot, days hitting us already. This will likely mean more people out at the club enjoying the ranges which means it’ s a good time to review some range etiquette.

First off, when you get to the range, please sign in, yourself, and your guests, before you enter the range. We will be going to a new guest pass system this year, but until then please keep using the sign in boards.

Next, when you get inside, only unbox or unbag your gun with the muzzle facing downrange. DO NOT remove them from their cases with the muzzle pointing across the range or to the back of the range. A good hint is to put a piece of bright tape on the outside of the case at the end where your muzzle is, then you always know which way to point your case when opening it. Of course, make sure the lights are RED and not GREEN when doing this.

Don’t be a hog, and plan for ceasefires no less than every 15 minutes. If you are by yourself you can call them whenever, but it’s good manners to at least ask if anyone needs one before that 15 minutes is up. If no one does, then continue shooting.

Once a ceasefire is going to be called, unload your gun, leave it action open and facing up (if you can) on the table, or holster the gun safely and do not touch them while the lights are GREEN. Do not stand at the table with your guns loading mags or messing about. Stay back from the guns until everyone is back and the lights are RED and a hot range has started again.

When you are finished, clean up your brass (including .22’s) and put in the appropriate bins. Steel cases go in the garbage, brass cases go in the metal brass bin, shotgun hulls in the garbage, or they go home with you if you reload.

Finally, when you are done, case your guns only when the lights are RED and everyone is back. DO NOT case when the lights are GREEN, this is unsafe.

And lastly, as it seems to be a constantly required reminder, DO NOT test staple guns on the benches or posts, this will result in an immediate suspension of membership privileges if caught.

Rob Engh
AFGC President