I had a number of emails asking for clarification about the range rules, suggestions for more rifle racks, etc. 

So, without further ado…

Approaching benches means, walking directly up to the bench, not walking past. During a cease fire you can absolutely walk past the benches, either across the shooting shed or to go down range. But you cannot walk up to them and start handling stuff, be it mags, or guns, or ammo, or whatever. 

While it would be nice if we had more rifle racks, we need volunteers to help design them, and volunteers to build them. If you can do either of those two things contact me and let me know. Until we have a solid design, we can’t do a build.

But, even with rifle racks at the back, we have people with guns that won’t fit, handguns and shorter barreled shotguns or rifles. That means, we still cannot approach benches during a ceasefire, period. Even if there are no guns on the table to load mags, etc.

While this is somewhat inconvenient, it’s safe. And that is the most important thing. Take your mags with you and a box or two of ammo, in your pockets, and step back with them to load, or wait for the range to go hot again, and then load them. I’m a heavy volume shooter, and I can work within these rules no problem. If you have another solution, feel free to email me. 

Regarding the staples, YES, if you are caught putting staples into the tables or posts, you will lose your membership, we are not kidding about this. Someone thought it would be funny to put about two dozen staples into a table on Range 4 after my last message, if you are caught, you’re gone. Period.

You will need to come before the board and membership and explain your actions and why you should be allowed back in the club. Purposely wrecking any club property or purposeful safety violations will not be tolerated and will cause you to lose your membership. I cannot stress this enough!

Robert Engh