Hunting season is well under way and I am hearing that a lot of people are having success. Recently our family went on our annual moose hunt and both my daughters bagged a moose that were called in as the moose were in full rut. I also heard Maddie Porter bagged her first big game animal, a nice mule deer doe and Kerry Baird took a nice 4-pt mule deer in the Alpine. Richard Visser also managed to call in and harvest his first big bull moose. Terry Riffin harvested a nice 6×6 bull elk on a jet boat hunt up the Muskwa River.

Would love to hear of your stories of your harvest. Also if you would like your animal scored for the big game trophies give me a call (604-557-0353) or email me ( to arrange an appointment for scoring.

Lastly the big game dinner will be happening again this year so if you can please donate some of your harvest that would be much appreciated. Contact caretakers Dave & Linda to arrange drop off of meat.

Good hunting and stay safe.

Ian Baird