March was mostly cleanup & repairs, as well as the opening of Range 2B.

We had a run on members breaking the drop down table handles, in some cases snapping them right off the tables. 6 handles had to be replaced in March, PLEASE if you are unsure how to put down the tables or they do not go down right away, just leave them. We come through a least once a day and will take care of it.

We had the man gate swipe repaired, as well as the door to range 2B.

We had to replace one of the bathroom doors, as the wind ripped it open and twisted it. So please try to make sure the doors close when you leave the washroom

Yearly AED servicing was done. Hardy came in and worked with the safety company that does the servicing. We put up the new AED in range 2B.

Dan readied the spot for the CBSA sea can and help with setting it in at delivery.

We demolished and reinstalled the foot bridge at the start of the Archery trail and pressure washed the fire pit pad and benches in preparation for the Chad Davis Memorial Event.

As well as our normal routine.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner