First we would like to say we miss you all and hope that everyone is staying healthy and practicing their social distancing.

The range is eerily quiet.

We lost power and the big green storage tent during the big wind storm on March 13 & 14.

The range closed on March 18 due to the virus.

We have demolished the green tent and replaced it with a sea can. We managed to level out and place it back further, giving Archery about an extra 20 more feet to their target.

All the ranges have been power washed and Dan is repairing and doing some maintenance on the drop tables.

We have redressed the back berm on range 4, as well as the side berms on Range 4, 5 and one one side of range 3 and hydro seeded the side berms.

We have done some leveling in ranges 2, 3 & 4. Then hand seeded them.

Once the rental finished, we went thru the club and trap house, cleaning and disinfecting all the tables and chairs, as well as the door handles, and washrooms. We defrosted and washed out the freezer.

We raked and removed debris from the back of range 4. Lots and lots of pop cans, golf balls and plastic bags, we even found a plastic swimming pool in the creek. Right now we have an ongoing challenge with the birds that are determined to use the ranges for nesting. We knock them down, they put them back.

We have replaced the backer in range 1.

Washed all the entrance rugs.

All the brass bins have been emptied and two barrel sent for recycling.

The fire extinguishers and fire suppression system had their annual inspection.

Over all we are managing to stay busy.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner