Spring has certainly sprung here at the range. Everything is budding out and the birds are starting to build nests in the ranges.

The heaters finally arrived for archery and have been installed.

Dan built 5 new shooting rests.

We fixed the Archery 3D trail sign. It had snapped off in the wind.

There were 283 guest passes uses from Feb 28 to March 25. We are definitely seeing an increase in members on Saturday mornings.

On March 11 we put out nice new shooting rests that the club purchase for you to use. On March 27 one was taken from range 2 and one from Range 3. On March 28 another one was taken from Range 2. So now we have one left. Whoever you are, look in your equipment I would like to think the shooting rests were gathered up in error and you will be returning them directly. Remember we have camera’s everywhere. Please do not make us look at everyone with suspicion.

1,260 lbs of brass sent for recycling.

The fire extinguishers and fire suppression system had their annual inspection.

Overall we managed to stay busy.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner