November was a busy month on the indoor range. We changed the backer out at the beginning of November and again on the 22.

Just as a FYI from Nov 4 to 29 there were 228 guests passes used with November 11 having 22 guests.

The heaters for range 3, 4 & 5 were installed and working, just in time for the cold.

Archery now has a swipe on the door and the guest pass system is set up for them as well.

New backer stands are on range 2. Metal weights for the backer stands have been placed on Range 2 and 3. (Do not use them for targets)

The trees that were required on the environmental assessment have been planted.

The grinder on one of the sea can washrooms went down and had to be replaced. The one washroom was closed and we cleaned up the contaminated water.

Christmas light were put up. We hope you like them.

As well as our normal routine.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner