The ranges have been fairly busy in June, we are still seeing target stands left out and casings not picked up, but for the most part members are doing a decent job of cleaning up.

Range 5 has seen a few issues. Members remember the steel target DO NOT GET MOVED, PERIOD. They are placed where they need to be, leave them there. Second, when it says you need to stand on the mat to shoot, that does not mean move the mat in front of the firing line. Again, they are placed so you will be shooting from a safe distance.

New tables have been made and put in Range 5.

At the beginning of June, Dan went and picked up the new safe. At which point we cleaned and painted the Armoury, then assembled new shelving, moved and organized the ammunition. Put up LED light fixtures and moved the new safe in.

Range 2 closed and installation of the new trap machine commenced. We still have some work to do but if all goes well Range 2 should be back open by Saturday July 6.

As range 2 has been closed we are taking the opportunity to work on weeding. Range 2 has been pressure washed and new firing and stall lines have been painted.

We picked up the shooting benches for range 2 they will be ready when the range re-opens.

Repairs have been made to the MAU enclosure fence.

As well as our normal routine.
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner