We have now been back open for a full month. The ranges have not as yet been overly busy, with the exception of range 5. Members haven’t had a problem finding a spot that suits them.

For the most part everyone is following the new protocols. We realize as this virus continues on it become easier to ignore or become complacent with the restrictions. We ask you to be patient and try to remember that social distancing is still in place. Visit from a safe distance.

Rentals are starting up again, so while the parking lot may look full the ranges may not be. The 2 hour window is still in effect, when there are members waiting. Thus far this has not happen so members have been able to stay for longer.

Members remember Range 5 targets and mats are not to be moved.

We are spending our time mowing and filling sanitizing bottles, as well as our normal routine.

We thank everyone for their efforts in cleaning up after themselves

Have a safe summer
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner