The City paved the road, once they finished we place gravel at the entrances to protect the edges.

May was grass month. We prepped the lawn outside of range 2 and sodded it. We also prepped and sodded inside Range 2B.

In between time we lacquered the washroom step and added a non- slip powder provided by Loren.

We cleaned out the Armoury to ready it for a new safe.

The bar area cooler was repaired. It needed a new fan.

Made and replace a table seat in range 3.

The ranges were closed off and on for the month, as we had painters in to work. As they moved through we endeavored to get the ranges back together as so as we could. Sorry to all for any inconvenience. We think they look great. We also had the sea cans painted.

Range one had a complete change out of the backer material.

BC Target Sports Association used the facilities and did a great job of cleaning up. Thank you!

We installed drop down tables on Range 5 and added temporary shooting tables. We will get permanent ones as soon as we can.

As well as our normal routine.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner