There is not much to report this month. Dan is still in an ongoing fight with the robins that are determined to use the ranges for nesting. I am pretty sure the robins are now stalking him.

We have been supplying Jack with the information of members who have been mailing in their membership fees.

Dan put up the red/green light outside the trap house as requested.

We had the brass barrels emptied, there was 1240 lbs.

We are still working on getting range 4 to drain properly.

We worked on range 2B levelling and filling the strafed areas, then seeded and fertilized.

Dan repaired the urinal in the sea can washroom and then we cleaned and disinfected them.

We topped the archery pathway behind range 3 & 4.

Maintenance on the Bobcat and side by side was done.

The riding mower was delivery and Dan has been mowing and mowing.

We picked up the garbage along our fence line. We have been in contact with the City of Abbotsford and they will be installing no parking signs along the fence.

The drainage work for archery has started.

We hope everyone is staying healthy,
Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner