Over all members did a great job of cleaning up after themselves in October. As the weather has changed a few have been leaving out target and not picking up casings, but to everyone else great job, thank you.

The paving has been delayed due to the gas line explosion. Hopefully they can manage it in November.

We have finished lacquering and installing the drop tables on Range 2 (see photos below).

Blockage in communications conduit from range 3 to 4 was located and a portion of the line that was full of concrete replaced.

Preparations have been made for installation of new bathroom (trenching, blocking and sea can painted).

Range 4 and 5 Firing lines have been put in place.

New exterior lighting installed on sea cans.

We had a night of alarm trips. Dan went through all the contacts, checking and cleaning them.

We power washed all the ranges on Archery Sunday.

We have filled all the expansion joints in Range 2 and 5. This should make cleaning up casings much easier.

Power washed entry mats.

As well as our normal routine.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner