We were away for a week vacation and it appears that all went well. We have not received any input to the contrary.

September saw the finish of the Range 2 expansion. All doors are operational as are the new red/green buttons along with the 30 second delay amber strobe.

The new flag poles have been installed.

A lock box for Archery has been installed on range 5 gate.

The light fixtures in the ladies room died, so we put in new fixtures, as well as a new one in the utility room. Lots of light now.

The new water pump, motor and water filter for the clubhouse and residence have been installed and are operational.

We moved the guest sign in for range 2 to beside the first door. This is in anticipation of the paving that will start in mid-October.

We found and exposed access to the septic tank at the residence and had it emptied. We will be installing a collar so that there will be no confusion on where it is. We also had the lift station by the club house emptied. At the residence when scoping the line for the field system they came to junction box. We will expose this and investigate.

As well as our normal routine.

Dan Ashton and Audrey Oxner