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The Operation Managers Reports on the upkeep, maintenance and progress of construction at the Abbotsford Fish and Game Club.

Workbee Wednesdays Now Every Week!

If you are unable to attend any of the workbees on Sundays we will now be holding Workbee Wednesdays every week! Show up at the club between 4:00 pm and dusk and we will put you to work scrubbing blackberry bushes. Please make sure you wear proper clothing and footwear and bring your own gloves. [...]

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Upcoming 2019/2020 Workbee Dates

Abbotsford Fish and Game Club will be holding Workbee's on the following dates for 2019/2020. November 10, 2019 December 8, 2019 January 12, 2020 March 8, 2020 Come and join us for a social event and get eliminate your workbee fee for next year! For every workbee you attend you will have your name [...]

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Caretakers Report March 2019

We are not unhappy to see February end. It has been an event filled month. At the first of the month we lost power for about 12 hrs, causing the new washroom to freeze up, leading to a 5 day closure for us to get it thawed and operational, luckily with minimum repairs required. We [...]

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Caretakers Report February 2019

January was fairly busy. We started with finishing off the kitchen renovation. The bobcat was delivered, it works great. Archery was underwater for a couple days. We had to hook up the sump pump to remove the water. The new bathroom septic was emptied. It looks like 3 weeks will be the schedule. The removable [...]

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Caretakers Report January 2019

Another year has come and gone. We had a busy December. The ranges were very busy over the Christmas break with most people taking care to clean up. However we still have a few individual who are very rough with the fold down tables. One had the top torn right off. These tables work [...]

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Caretakers Report December 2018

The Paving is done and looks great. The new bathroom has arrived. The final trenching for swipes and power has been completed. The utilities are still needed. If all goes right, the bathrooms should be up and running for Christmas. Mats with the AFGC logo have been put in Range 5 to show shooting [...]

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Caretakers Report November 2018

Over all members did a great job of cleaning up after themselves in October. As the weather has changed a few have been leaving out target and not picking up casings, but to everyone else great job, thank you. The paving has been delayed due to the gas line explosion. Hopefully they can manage [...]

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Caretakers Report October 2018

We were away for a week vacation and it appears that all went well. We have not received any input to the contrary. September saw the finish of the Range 2 expansion. All doors are operational as are the new red/green buttons along with the 30 second delay amber strobe. The new flag poles have [...]

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Work Bee Report October 2018

We had a Work Bee on September 9. There we 7 people who signed up on line. We had 8 people show up. This was a perfect amount of people for painting. The outside of range 2 was painted, as well as all the shooting tables. The rain even held off until we were just finishing. We [...]

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Caretakers Report August 2017

Wow, One year has passed already. We would like to thank everyone for their patience, as we have grown into our role as your caretakers. July has been a busy month. The most obvious activity has been the trenching for the new water line and conduit for the fiber optics lines, (The water lines will [...]

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Caretakers Report July 2018

Several of the drop table were damaged on Sunday the 24th. Dan repaired them. Please try not to abuse them. The roof leak in the office and Range 1 have been repaired. Septic mound by range 4 has been redressed as well as all the range berms and the side berms hydro seeded. Debris was cleared [...]

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