Sunday February 3rd was our scheduled PPC practice/training match. We had 8 shooters attend as well as well as the range officer. An excellent turnout considering a -6 degree temperature at 10:00 AM, close to -15 degree wind chill factor from 15-20 Kph wind and driving snow. The concrete slab under the shelter had snow covering 80% of the surface and freezing puddles of water on the range.

After discussion it was decided that the stability of target backers and paper targets would fall prey to the wind making it impossible to complete any courses of fire and the decision was made to cancel the match and hope for better weather in March.

Our next match will be held on Sunday March 3rd and is a CPCA Nationally registered match, with scores eligible for individual national classifications.  This match is the first of 4 CPCA registered matches to be held the first Sundays of March, May, August and October, in preparation for the Canadian National PPC Championships being held in Victoria Thanksgiving weekend.

Several of our shooters are making plans to attend the WA1500 World PPC Championships in Australia in September, so extra match condition practice will be invaluable.

Our regular non-registered practice/training matches shall continue to be held on the first Sunday of April, June, July, September, November and December.

We are all looking forward to warmer and dryer weather for the remaining months of 2019.

Stay safe on and off the range.

Robert Stoddart
PPC Sub Club Director