IPSC Stage Nights are Back! Starting August 13th.

Due to COVID-19 considerations the IPSC Sub Club is moving the IPSC Stage Practices from Saturdays on Indoor Range 1 to every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Thursday of the month on Outdoor Range 4 (the first Thursday is not scheduled due to AFGC Board Meetings). Make sure you are subscribed to the AFGC Club Newsletter and check the calendar for any updates or cancellations.

Using Range 4 will free us from the tight COVID-19 restrictions of the indoor range as well as allow us to incorporate full, side to side stage design, previously not available to us. Stage set up will start at 6 PM with shooting to start at 7 PM and ending at 10 PM. If you can’t come early to help setup, plan on staying to help tear-down.

COVID-19 physical distancing recommendations are still in effect. Please bring masks so they can be worn while you are not shooting.

The drop-in fee is $10.00 for everyone. You must have your Black Badge to participate.

Please RSVP to our email address at ipsc@afgc.ca so we have an idea of how many people will be participating.

We hope to see you out!

IPSC Sub Club Team