We hope that all club members enjoyed a Merry Christmas and we look forward to a save and happy new year in 2019.

The PPC sub club will be holding our first practice/training match on Sunday January 6th. The will be the start of our 37th year of holding PPC matches on the first Sunday of each month.

Although we are looking forward to a busy 2019, we also reflect on a very successful 2018 which included two nationally registered CPCA competitions in May and August and attendance of 12 competitors from here gathering 31 medals at the Vancouver Island PPC Championships in Victoria Thanksgiving weekend. Russell Sorsdahl and Bob Stoddart were honoured with being on the list of the Washington State Governor’s top 20 PPC shooters again this year.

We will be holding 4 nationally registered CPCA competitions in 2019 for a little more shooting that is eligible for national classifications as we are expecting on having several of our shooters attending the Canadian National Championships which are being held at the Victoria Fish & Game range. The National Championships are being held in lieu of the 43rd annual Vancouver Island Championships this year.

The PPC club did not hold a match on the first Sunday of October as the majority of our regular shooters were attending the Vancouver Island PPC Championships in Victoria Thanksgiving weekend.

As always members are welcome to come out on the first Sunday of each month to observe and/or participate in our practice/training matches.

If you are interested in competing in any of our 4 nationally registered matches this year (first Sundays of March, May, August and October), please get hold of myself or Russell Sorsdahl for a copy of the match programs, certification requirement and CPCA membership requirements.

Stay safe on and off the range in 2018.

Robert Stoddart
PPC Sub Club Director