The PPC Sub Club held our monthly practice/training match on Sunday July 1st. The weather was cloudy with the threat of rain but comfortable just the same making it an enjoyable day at the range.

We had 9 shooters on the line, plus the chief range officer, which was quite good considering the long weekend and some of our regular shooters not attending due to commitments to parades and other activities on behalf of their law enforcement agencies and employers.

One Abby club member and one member from another shooting club participated in their first PPC match at our facility and have made commitments to participate in further in the future, with the goal of improving their accuracy.

Two of our club member PPC travelled to Richland Washington and the Hanford Nuclear Patrol training facility to participate in the Washington State PPC Championships and the North West Regional PPC Championships held June 15 – 17th and represented our club well.

In the State Championships Robert Stoddart placed 1st in his class in the Semi-auto distinguished match, 1st in the 1500 semi-auto as well as 1st in his class in the Regional Championships Distinguished Semi-auto and 2nd in the 1500 revolver mach.

In the State Championships Russell Sorsdahl placed 1st in his class in the Distinguished Revolver match, 2nd in the Semi-auto distinguished match, and 2nd in the 1500 Semi-auto match as well as 2nd in his class in the Northwest Regional Championships Distinguished Revolver match.

Russell was also placed 1st in his class for the Special Aggregate match #21 with a score of 4,827-121x.

Both Robert and Russell made the Washington State Governor’s list of the top PPC shooters list for 2017 shooting year with Robert making the list in 12 separate years and Russell making the list for 20 separate years.  Both are regularly attending monthly competitions in Washington State vying for places on the 2018 Governor’s list.

Our monthly match to be held the first Sunday of August will be a Canadian Police Combat Association (CPCA) registered competition in lieu of our regular practice/training match in preparation for our shooters attending the Vancouver Island Championships being held in Victoria on Thanksgiving weekend.

Club members are welcome to come and observe our course of fire. For information on the course of fire, ammunition and equipment requirements, please contact PPC director Bob Stoddart or PPC sub club chief range office and instructor Russell Sorsdahl.

Stay safe on and off the range.

Robert Stoddart
PPC Sub Club Director