With the reopening of the club in the middle of May, we were able to hold the first monthly match since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions which we held on June 7th.  We were able to use a full 10 shooting positions at the permanent barricades and still maintain a safe separation of 6.5 meters between shooters.  Our inability to use the drop down barricades as well required us to expand to two relays for each match instead of the usual single relay.  Shooters completed the mandated questionnaire for Covid-19 symptoms while we also maintained a contact information sheet for possible tracking capability.  A laser thermometer was also available for use if needed.  Despite these requirements, range condition and weather cooperated for an enjoyable return to putting some rounds down range for the 11 shooters and range officer.

Our next match will be held as per our regular first Sunday, July 5th on range 3.

Our first CPCA nationally registered match will be held on Sunday August 2nd with our second nationally registered match being held on October 4th, both of which will be held in accordance with pandemic restrictions in place on these dates.

Our communications with the Colwood PPC Club in Victoria indicate that the Canadian National PPC Championships will be going forward as scheduled, barring any change in pandemic restrictions, on thanksgiving weekend October 9th, 10th and 11th, with many of our regular shooters planning on attending.

The ability off some of our shooters attending monthly matches in Marysville Washington has been curtailed by the border closures.  Our ability to attend the Washington State PPC Championships and the Northwest Regional PPC Championships tentatively scheduled for the last weekend in August may also be in jeopardy because of the border closure and/or the high level of Covid-19 positive infections in Washington State, as well as the possible requirement to isolate for 14 days upon return to Canada.  Only time will tell.

May all club members keep their powder dry, your bullets and arrows fly straight and true.

Keep healthy and safe on and off the range.

Bob Stoddart / Russell Sorsdahl