In compliance with the PHO restrictions we have confined our virtual matches to club members who are also members of the Washington State Police Pistol Association, who are the governing body for PPC in Washington.

We held our virtual match, for Marysville WA, on February 20th with four shooters.  WSPPA has added an additional course of fire to the matches for this and future matches.

In April we will be expanding our virtual matches to include a virtual match to coincide with Hanford Nuclear Patrol club monthly competition.

We are continuing our matches on the first Sunday of the month with the same 4 shooters only.  Once the PHO and club restrictions are lifted we will increase the number of shooters allowed. These matches were originally registered or approved matches under the Canadian Police Combat Association will resume when allowed to do so.

Like all of the sub-clubs, we are looking forward to the time when we can go back to full shooting competitions when restrictions are removed/lessened.

Keep healthy and safe on and off the range.

Russell Sorsdahl
One Year Director

For Robert Stoddart
PPC Director