It seems that 2021 is the year of attacking gun owners in Canada. We now see not only the Federal government upping its attacks on gun owners, but the Province of BC now doing so as well.

Not only are they drastically expanding police search and seizure powers, but they are also going after airsoft, BB, pellet and paintball guns and those who can use them. They are also going after ranges with a new requirement that ranges will have to ensure everyone using the range has a license – yes that’s right, everyone needs a license under this new scheme – to shoot or handle a firearm. As far as I can see, there is no provision for taking a friend shooting at a range, or even your own child or spouse, unless they have a license to do so.

It seems governments are no longer holding back on what they’ve long desired, a completely disarmed public, and are now engaging fully in a culture war against shooters of all types. The new laws surrounding civil forfeiture of property, expanded warrantless search and seizure should scare everyone. They are giving police the power to do anything they want with little to no evidence required. Someone makes a complaint against you? Your guns and ammo are gone. You do anything they deem suspicious, your rights are forfeit. 

Members of AFGC are strongly advised to contact their MLA and MP, as well as the leaders of all parties, and express your displeasure at this. If you think your particular shooting sport is going to be safe from this, for example, hunting, guess again. This is an all-out attack on all of us. Any capitulation by any group is simply going to make it worse for others. None of us are safe. We see the BC NDP making all sorts of declarations against hunting, first going after the grizzly hunt, and next bear and cougar. Once those are in place you can bet they will go after any hunting and deem it non-essential. 

I hate being a doomsayer but this is a massive overreach by our Provincial (and Federal) government. Numerous Charter challenges will likely be launched as people fall victim to these new laws, but there is no guarantee that they will be successful or in time to save others. 

That they do this when the ability of people to gather and protest legally is curtailed is even more telling and insidious. They are counting on us to simply give up our passion and find a new hobby.