Our first month of running Multigun has been busy! We have booked our practices and matches for the year and our first event, February 22 is SOLD OUT. We have been working on social media to expand our pool of potential shooters, and have seen our reach grow quickly. We have set up an email subscription list to keep people up to date with matches and practice dates. We have lots of familiar multigun shooters signed up, but what is encouraging is the amount of new shooters that want to get into competitive shooting. We may want to add some evening dates to the calendar as demand for a new shooter class is showing great interest. 

While taking a quick inventory of what was in the Multigun seacan, it is apparent that a lot of steel for previous matches was borrowed from other sub-clubs. We are hoping that we can once again borrow some props until we can order some of our own later this season. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Erik Jensen
Abby Mutligun Club