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Multigun Report June 2023

Multigun had 1 practice session last month. We had a mostly full class and practiced distance transitions learning how to speed up the trigger pulls. This month we have 2 events planned. Practice night is Monday June 19th on range 4 from 6-10 pm. Registration is open on PractiScore. We are hosting another full match [...]

By |2023-06-02T09:37:02-07:00June 2nd, 2023|Multigun|0 Comments

Multigun Report May 2023

Multigun held our usual monthly practice night on April 17th. The weather mostly cooperated with ad we practiced for the upcoming match with the Texas Star. Our first full match of the year was last Sunday April 30th and was sponsored by Reliable Gun. They donated an awesome Trigger Tech trigger and some gift [...]

By |2023-05-04T21:26:12-07:00May 4th, 2023|Multigun|0 Comments

Multigun Report April 2023

Multigun held our first Monday practice night of the new season. We worked on retreating as well as transitions and a lot was learned. Our next practice is Monday April 17th, 6pm-10pm on our usual range 4. Registration is open on PractiScore and sign up is mandatory. Our first full match of the year is [...]

By |2023-04-07T10:49:47-07:00April 7th, 2023|Multigun|1 Comment

Multigun Report March 2023

It’s time to dust off your gear and get your guns on the firing line for another season of Multigun! Seems like demand is high to come shoot as this months practice night went to full capacity in less than 12 hours. We offer practice nights every 3rd Monday of the month, on range 4 [...]

By |2023-03-10T08:28:00-08:00March 10th, 2023|Multigun|Comments Off on Multigun Report March 2023

February 2023 Multigun Report

As the weather is improving, Monday night practice sessions are back! Starting on March the 20th we host every 3rd Monday night from 6pm to 10pm on range 4. Look for registration to open in the beginning of March on our IG and FB pages. We are also working on securing our match dates [...]

By |2023-02-10T08:35:05-08:00February 10th, 2023|Multigun|Comments Off on February 2023 Multigun Report

Multigun Report December 2022

Nothing new to report at the moment other than the new additions to C-21 from our Liebral Government… this its the wake up call to the Fudds out there who thought their equipment was safe. Spoiler alert they want it all. This could be just a distraction tactic by the Liberals to deflect from [...]

By |2022-12-09T11:46:34-08:00December 9th, 2022|Multigun|1 Comment

Multigun Report November 2022

On Monday October 17th, we held our usual Monday night practice session. We had a full turnout and worked on movement. Learned that a few of our spinning props require tear down and lubrication post flood as they were not happy. That was our last practice for the season. Look for announcements next year as [...]

By |2022-11-03T20:04:53-07:00November 3rd, 2022|Multigun|Comments Off on Multigun Report November 2022

Multigun Report October 2022

Multigun held another sold out practice night in September. A mix of new and experienced shooters learned some movement and how to put their own stage plan together. This months practice night is Monday October 17th on range 4 from 6-10pm like always. With the awesome weather we are having, come on out and have [...]

By |2022-10-14T10:38:59-07:00October 14th, 2022|Multigun|Comments Off on Multigun Report October 2022

Multigun Report September 2022

August practice night was sold out and we had a lot of new people to the range with some very interesting choices of firearms. Never had a 44Mag lever gun used before, but dude could cycle that action really well! This months practice night is Monday, September 19th at 6pm on range 4 like usual. [...]

By |2022-09-09T09:45:58-07:00September 9th, 2022|Multigun|Comments Off on Multigun Report September 2022

Multigun Report August 2022

Multigun held our monthly practice night on July 18th and had 12 shooters out to play. New shooters learned about sight over bore with no shoots targets and how important chokes are when shooting spinner targets. Next practice night is Monday August 15th at 6pm on range 4. Erik Multigun

By |2022-08-05T08:14:42-07:00August 5th, 2022|Multigun|Comments Off on Multigun Report August 2022

July 2022 Multigun Report

On June 19th Multigun finally held our Fringe Minority match. Probably not my best decision to hold it on Father’s Day, as we had fewer shooters than we hoped for , but we did have 25 shooters out to play. We had 4 stages on ranges 2b, 3, 4 and 5. A big thank you [...]

By |2022-07-08T08:15:01-07:00July 7th, 2022|Multigun|Comments Off on July 2022 Multigun Report

Multigun Report June 2022

May 16 Multigun held our monthly practice night. We had fewer shooters than expected so we concentrated on shot placement and accuracy along with the shotgun spinner. New shooters learn quick that chokes are an essential part of your 3 gun kit. This month we are hosting our “Fringe Minority” match of the year on [...]

By |2022-06-03T08:30:17-07:00June 3rd, 2022|Multigun|Comments Off on Multigun Report June 2022
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