On October 4th we held our last CPCA nationally registered match at the Abby Club and were honored to have participation by Roly Miles from Dryden Ont., who is presently the WA1500 PPC World.  Roly took advantage of our match to get final practice in on his way to the Nationals in Victoria.

On Thanksgiving weekend 13 shooters from Abbotsford F&G travelled to Victoria to compete in the Canadian National PPC Championships held at the Victoria Fish and Game range.  The Colwood PPC club did a great job running the Nationals while maintaining safe social distancing.  The 13 Abby PPC shooters represented our club very well collecting a total of 44 medals, consisting of 26 gold, 13 silver and 5 bronze.

On October 17, we held our second virtual competition with the Washington State Police Pistol Association, (WSPPA), replacing our normal travel to Marysville, and will be holding our November virtual match on November 21st.

The Hanford Nuclear Site Security Patrol, in Hanford Washington, has reopened their training range after it was closed down to competitions since it was closed down due to Covid-19.  With the resumptions of competitions Hanford has joined the virtual matches to accommodate shooters from Abbotsford F&G and other areas of Washington state and Idaho.  Due to already scheduled range activities at our range we will not be shooting the virtual matches for Hanford matches for the rest of this year and the early few months of 2021, however, will continue with the virtual matches for Marysville until the borders reopen and we determine that it is safe to resume our travel to the States.

We expect that these virtual monthly matches will continue until the borders open and the level of Covid-19 positive results are reduced to an acceptable level for us to travel south again safely.

Our regularly scheduled practice/training match was held on November 1st with 11 shooters, including the range officer attending.

Our PPC Christmas turkey match will be held on Sunday December 6th, which will consist of a 600 PPC, a turkey match, a one on one balloon match and an Oregon walk down match.

Keep healthy and safe on and off the range.