On August 2nd we held our second CPCA nationally registered match with 10 shooters attending, including the range officer.

Mark Horsley fired a national record matching 240 – 24x in match 1 of the Duty Pistol course of fire.

We maintained all the required Covid-19 physical distancing and were still able to complete all the courses of fire. The warm weather made the day that much more enjoyable.

We have added an additional CPCA registered match to be held on Sunday September 6th. Our last CPCA registered match will be held on Sunday October 4th, in preparation for the Canadian National PPC Championships being held in Victoria October 8-10 which is also Thanksgiving weekend.

This will be followed by our regular practice/training match November 1st and our Christmas turkey/fun match on December 6th.

The Marysville Washington Rod and Gun range has reopened to competitions, however, due to the continuing border crossing closures and high positive Covid-19 testing numbers in Washington State, our shooters are unable and/or unwilling to travel there.  We expect that we will not be participating in any of the Washington matches in 2020. The Washington State and Northwest Regional Championships, which we normally attend, previously rescheduled for the 4th weekend in August have now been canceled for this year.

Keep healthy and safe on and off the range.
Bob Stoddart / Russell Sorsdahl