In compliance with the PHO restrictions we have confined our virtual matches to club members who are also members of the Washington State Police Pistol Association, who are the governing body for PPC in Washington. We held our virtual match, for Marysville on Saturday June 19th.

With the lessening of PHO restrictions on July 1, we were able to expand our range usage capacity for our monthly match on July 4th with 11 shooters attending.  It was a beautiful sound when with all 11 shooters fired 12 rounds each in less than 20 seconds in the first stage of this match. The sound was so rarely tumultuous, that shooters from the range next door came over to see what was happening. It was a really gratifying moment to be shooting again. This match was held under the auspices of the Canadian Police Combat Association, as will be the rest of our monthly matches for the year, with the exception of our Christmas turkey match on the first Sunday of December.

Our virtual match for Hanford will be held on July 17. We look forward to the time when the borders open and allow us to travel south to again attend the matches in Washington State.

We are starting our concentrated training in preparation for attending the Canadian National PPC Championships to be held in Victoria on Thanksgiving weekend.

Stay safe on an off the range.
Russell Sorsdahl
PPC Director