This is the hardest report I’ve ever written in my time at AFGC. For the first time in the club history a virus, not water, not snow, not wind, has shut us down. Going to the club to check the mail or see how some of the scheduled work is going, is heartbreaking. No cars, no people, no gunshots, no new shooter being introduced to the sport, no families spending the day at the range, no one practicing for a match, no archers on the hill, nothing.

Hopefully we’ll have some good news in a week or so, and we can plan to reopen. In the meantime renewals are still going forward so please, if you can, renew. If you can’t afford it right now we will be extending the renewal period to 1 month after the Public Health Order being lifted. If you need longer to renew, you will be able to do so next year during the renewal period, penalty free. Just make sure to contact us and advise us you are a member from 2019/2020 and that you’d like to renew and we will sort it out. 

Be safe everyone,