So the first of April has come and the internet is inundated with April Fools’ jokes. There are some great ones out there, the highlight for me being the one from Hornady, they previously did one on a bullet cam which took the internet by storm. Sadly, AFGC can’t announce any jokes this year, one can’t compete with what is going on around us right now. Watching our provincial and federal leaders of late is the worst joke ever. Hopefully there will be some good news soon. 


Our AGM is coming up in 2 weeks, please check your email, you should have received your invite to the meeting on March 28th, if you didn’t please let me know, invite contains a link to register and once registered you will get the AGM package. 

As some of you saw recently on our Facebook and Instagram pages someone stole 2 of our new rifle rests off of range 2 and 3. This is so disgusting to me that I have a hard time using family appropriate language to describe how I feel. We have the swipe card data and camera footage of the day and are reviewing it. I would strongly recommend that whoever took them, return them, once we have identified the person/s responsible we will be notifying the police. 

Lastly, over the years I’ve had many people ask if the club would be able to offer medical and dental insurance coverage to interested members. I have recently reached out to providers and will be getting more information from them. If you would be interested in such a plan, please let me know. Send me an email with the subject line reading “Health Benefits” to Should we be able to get enough people interested we should be able to offer a substantial plan like one would get through an employer plan.