The rain, and potentially the snow is upon is! Welcome to dreary BC weather! But we have a cure for that, our ranges are all heated, lit and open until 10pm! That means you can beat the dreary by coming out and shooting! I know the ranges were absolutely packed during the holidays, great to see, lots of smiling faces as people were trying out new presents or purchases (self gifting is a good thing).

You may have noticed some pretty extreme water events over by the archery range, our awesome caretakers are on it, using a big gas pump to remove the water and put it where it is supposed to go, the creek. We will be addressing that this spring/summer in hopes of fixing it for future big rain events.

If you’ve been out to the club in the last few days you might have seen the City of Abbotsford down just past the club doing road work. They are moving the road back to where it is supposed to be, tight up against the mountain, not where it had been moved to sometime over the last few years. Please be careful when coming down the road as the trucks take up a bit more room than normal.

Lastly, it’s almost time for the Game Supper! This year will be another theme night and tickets are available from the archery club, Mark Porter, Ian Baird and our Caretakers, if you have any meat or fish you’d like to donate please let us know ASAP so that we can figure out what we’ve got to cook.