We’ve had a pretty decent summer up to this point, no ridiculous heat waves yet. However, if we do, the water bibs along the garden as well as the water inside the clubhouse is potable water and is safe to drink, I have had many questions on that recently. 

Range 2B is coming along very nicely, with only a few areas of the turf not taking, likely due to proximity to high drainage areas or concrete basins. Please do not take steel targets onto this range until approval is given as we want to avoid destroying the turf before it’s had a chance to grow in. As well, please try to avoid shooting directly into the turf and causing furrows that way. 

On the steel target note there have been a few issues pop up recently, first and foremost, only approved target steel is to be used as a target, this usually means at least AR400 for pistol and AR500 or 550 for rifle. The minimum distance for steel is 10m for pistol and 50m for rifle. Range 2B is only 30m deep so no rifle steel there at anytime. 22lr targets can be of mild steel, so long as there are no pockmarks on the surface. If your steel target has pockmarks, regardless of what it is made from, it is not safe to be used at the club, pockmarks, deep indents and such cause ricochets in unexpected directions and can be very hazardous. The other issue is the steel on Range 5, this steel is not to be moved, period. Far too many people seem to think they can move the targets around as they see fit, and that is not allowed. We spent a great deal of time setting those targets up in a specific way, to provide 4 distinct shooting positions and challenges, please, do not move them. 

Members and guests has also been a significant issue as of late. We have changed how we handle guests now, please see the website for instructions. Members are required to fill out the documentation for their guests and deposit the money for them, BEFORE entering the range. If you do not do this you risk losing your membership as a result. As well, you can only take up to 3 guests at one time, not 4, not 5, 3 and 3 only. 

Lastly, and this one should not need to be talked about as often as we do, DO NOT UNCASE GUNS ON GREEN LIGHTS OR AT THE REAR TABLES. Only uncase/case firearms during a hot range, (RED LIGHTS) and only up at the firing line, make sure that you don’t point the muzzle of the firearm to the sides or rear of the range either, only allow the muzzle to point directly down range.