That was a hot week last week!!!! Let’s hope that we don’t see anything like that again this summer. 

As many have already noticed we are back to normal operating procedures now, with all the tape removed and masks not being needed on the outdoor and only recommended on the indoor. We do ask that you continue to use the provided sanitizer before and after you shoot though.

On another note, and I really hate having to harp on this, please, please don’t wreck club property. If you are caught, you will receive a lifetime ban from the facility. The large weights with handles ARE NOT TARGETS they are to keep your stand from blowing over. They are mild steel, not AR500, and it is incredibly dangerous to shoot them. We’ve now had several hundred dollars worth of club property destroyed. Again, if you are caught you will never be allowed back on the property. 

Please enjoy the summer, be safe, and shoot lots!