We had our AGM! Massive thanks to Geoff Fraser for doing all the hard work on setting up Zoom to handle it. It ran without a hitch, which amazed me and many who attended. We hammered through the agenda with ease and passed our bylaw update, our budget and of course voted in new board members. I’m honored to be continuing on as President again, and looking forward to working with the board as we try to get more accomplished this year!

The gorgeous weather is here and the ranges are getting busy. Please remember we are still operating under Covid restrictions, that means 2hr timeslots, starting on the even hours, masks required at all times that you aren’t shooting while on the property.

Our gardens and property are looking just gorgeous, thanks to the hard work of our caretakers and our fabulous gardeners (Garden Angels if you need someone in the Abby/Chilliwack area).

Some of you may have noticed there are some deer hanging around the ranges, please remember they have the right-of-way and are not targets!!!!!