Not a lot to report on this month other than WEAR YOUR SAFETY GLASSES. It is truly frustrating to constantly have to harp on about this, our rules are very specific, you must be wearing your safety glasses on the ranges at all times when the line is hot. It does not matter if you are shooting or not, it does not matter if you are not standing at the shooting bench or not, if the line is hot (Red Light) glasses MUST be on. Ricochets and malfunctions don’t care what you’re doing or where you’re standing, your eyes can be severely damaged without glasses, so please wear them. Failure to abide by this simple rule will see your membership revoked. 

Lastly, now that we’ve hit that hated time of year where the clocks change, again, that means Wednesday night is no longer closed to firearms as the Archery 3D trail is now closed. That means all ranges are open again on Wednesday nights.